Sunday, 22 September 2013

Main site month

Hey gang, hope all are well and your weekends weren't to crazy. We are gonna do something new for a whole month we will be following This means I won't have a clue what is coming up just as much as you guys. CrossFit is all about being constantly varied with our training and we need a kick up the butt from  time to time to remember we do CrossFit for the high intensity WODs that make us feel like shit not to lift heavy weights everyday and worry about our strength numbers.
So after speaking to my fellow coaches this weekend we all have decided to follow main site and lucky for you this means you all get to follow it also.

Main site opporates a 3 on 1 day rest method of planning compared to our 6 on 1 off, idea behind this is to maintain intensity in our work outs. We've all been in that pain cave at some point these last few months and thought to ourselves how am I gonna WOD today let alone walk up stairs.

I feel this will be a perfect time to use these rest days to work our movements with minimal load and have the coaches work with you to fix some issues we miss when your training. This can be anything from gymnastic movements to Olympic lifting.

I will still be writing up our strength phase on the white board but this will be seen as extras this month as we wanna fix some movement issues in the classes.

So what better way to kick off month than with fight gone bad, this could be my 1st pukie at the new box

So here it is

3 rounds, 1 min rotations

Box jumps
Push press
1 min rest

Score will be total reps

Please use comment section below to post your scores and feedback along with your own training diary

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