Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bournemouth Throwdown Results

Here are the positions from the weekend guys and girls looking at the results every position came down to a rep 

Mens RX

1st - Chris Gibbs
2nd - Sam Harlow
3rd - Dave Allen
4th - Dave Millings
5th - Nathan Bird
6th - Seb Clement
7th - James Martin
8th - Ed Wright
11th - Josh Davies
          Dan Crawley
          Mike Pantaleou
12th - Dan Banfield
13th - Tim Flower
17th - Calum Stenning
          Mario Massimino
          Leigh la Reservee
          Matt Bolton
18th - Andy Mitchell
19th - Haydn Kitcher
20th - James Crocan
22nd - Oliver Drew
           Adam Mosseley

Ladies Rx

1st - Claire Crowley
2nd - Pippa Alford
3rd - Kathryn McEwen
4th - Shannon Loughlin
5th - Toni Whitley

Mens Scaled

1st - Ollie Lindridge
2nd - Alex Rose
3rd - Lloyde keightley
4th - Joe Burns
5th - Sam Lunn
6th - Mike Schneider
7th - Eddie Hill
8th - Joe Flemming

Ladies Scaled

1st - Candice Russell
2nd - Laura Flower
3rd - Katie Angeloni
4th - Charlie Banfield
5th - Naomi Hodgkins
6th - Deb Bundy
7th - Tahlia Elder 

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