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Met con - for time
5 rounds
10 cleans
10 burpees over bar
Rest 2 min
5 rounds
10 front squats
10 T2B
Rest 2 min
10 pistols
10 push-ups

NB - score will be completed time
Strength - Within 15 mins 5 rm pull ups 
met con - for time  1000m Row  100 Push Press  25 pull ups
Strength - 8min EMOM

1 x 3 point snatch 
Met con - for time  10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Cleans Ring dips

Saturdays WOD

Will Include the following equipment :-
- Sleds  - Rope Climbs  - Boxes  - Kettlebells  - Floor Mats 
What could this mean turn up and find out 
We also have a mobility class at 1pm

Friday Madness

Met con - 15 min AMRAP  5 Hang Power Snatch 50 Double unders  10 HSPU  50 Double unders 20 T2B

Thursdays Team WOD

Teams of three
5 rounds  500m Row  12 burpees  rest 1:3

Strength - 8 min EMOM 1 x 3 point clean + 1 push jerk
Met con - Grace  30 x Clean and jerk  60/45
Strength - 8min EMOM  1 x snatch 2 x oh squats 
Met con - 5 rounds  5 dead lifts  5 P.Cleans  5 front squats 5 STOH  @60/45

Friday HAM

For time
50 Air Squats
25 C2B
50 over box jumps
25 back ext 20/15
50 Walking lunges 20/15
25 ring dips
50 sit ups
20 Left leg pistols
50 KB swings 
20 right leg pistols
Strength - 3 min Max Effort  HSPU  then  2 mins Max Effort  Pull ups 
Met-Con - 3 rounds for time  100 DU  21 Deadlifts
Strength - 5 mins EMOM  5 x clean 
Met con - For time  1000m Run  50 OH Sit ups  500m run  25 T2B  1000m Run  50 Twists
Speed - 10 x shuttles 5,10,15 meters 
rest 90 sec 
met con - For time  10 shoulder press  15 Oh squats  20 push press  25 front squats  30 push jerks  35 back squats 
Strength - 5 mins EMOM 5 x Snatch - Touch and go 
Met Con - 5 Rounds 
20 Wall Balls  20 SDHP 

Team WOD 
24 Muscle ups (3 pull ups, 3 ring dips per MU)  100 Box Jumps  200 KB wings
Conditioning - 5 rounds for time  500m Run  rest 1:1
then  5 rounds not for time  10 CTB  20 OH sit ups 

Strength - 15 mins 1rm Ring Dips 
Met con - JT  21-15-9 HSPU  Ring Dips  Push Ups
Strength - 7 min EMOM  3 x Snatch - heavier than last week 
21-15-9-21-15-9 Snatch  Double unders

Strength - 15 mins  1 rm Pull up 
15 min AMRAP  300m Row  21 KB swings  12 Pull Ups

Gym changes

Some changes for you all to be aware of as from today, we will no longer be open on Sundays for classes but will be replacing it with a Thursday WOD instead along with a mobility class on Saturdays from 1-2pm. There will be a Sunday outdoor WOD if the interest is there but it can be planned during the week weather dependent followed with BBQs etc for more a social feel for families to come to.
With regards to your own training please ensure you plan rest days as we now have 6 training days in a row so rest is now down to you and how your body feels not head lol 
Skill - Hand stand Walk 
Strength - 7 min EMOM  3 x Clean - heavier than last week 
Met-con - 5 rounds  10 thrusters 40/30 10 Burpees over Bar

Last Open WOD

Time to beast this bad boy Workout 13.5 4 minute AMRAP of:
15 Thrusters (100 / 65 lbs)
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
*4 minute bonus for every 90 reps (3 rounds) completed.

Rest Day

Guys and Girls Ive been speaking to people about movements and what they struggle with but what we as coaches have been saying is that you need to put the time in to improve in them. This can only be done by turning up on rest days, before classes, after classes spending 30 mins working on a few movements drilling that muscle memory. 
Those of you doing the open come in work the movements look at what mobility you have spend some time in that position then retest. 
Catch Up WODs  mobility  tekkers 
Didnt take long for the boys to take shirts off at the Bournemouth Throwdown
Skill - Muscle Ups  or  2 min Max effort 
Strength - 5 mins EMOM 3x Snatch (touch and go) 
Met-con - 15 min AMRAP 
10 power Snatch  15 burpees 30 Double unders

Bournemouth Throwdown Results

Here are the positions from the weekend guys and girls looking at the results every position came down to a rep 

Mens RX

1st - Chris Gibbs
2nd - Sam Harlow
3rd - Dave Allen
4th - Dave Millings
5th - Nathan Bird
6th - Seb Clement
7th - James Martin
8th - Ed Wright
11th - Josh Davies
          Dan Crawley
          Mike Pantaleou
12th - Dan Banfield
13th - Tim Flower
17th - Calum Stenning
          Mario Massimino
          Leigh la Reservee
          Matt Bolton
18th - Andy Mitchell
19th - Haydn Kitcher
20th - James Crocan
22nd - Oliver Drew
           Adam Mosseley

Ladies Rx

1st - Claire Crowley
2nd - Pippa Alford
3rd - Kathryn McEwen
4th - Shannon Loughlin
5th - Toni Whitley

Mens Scaled

1st - Ollie Lindridge
2nd - Alex Rose
3rd - Lloyde keightley
4th - Joe Burns
5th - Sam Lunn
6th - Mike Schneider
7th - Eddie Hill
8th - Joe Flemming

Ladies Scaled

1st - Candice Russell
2nd - Laura Flower
3rd - Katie Angeloni
4th - Charlie Banfield
5th - Naomi Hodgkins
6th - Deb Bundy
7th - Tahlia El…
I hope you all had a good Easter break and those that competed in our Bournemouth throwdown enjoyed the day back to business now though
Skill - Handstand push ups 5 min tekkers 
2 min Max effort HSPU 
Strength - 5 mins EMOM  3 x clean (touch and go) 
Met con - 30-20-10 Kb Clean  Oh sit ups
Gang please make sure you change over to gocardless on your payment method if you need help come see me with bank details