Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sundays Bournemouth throwdown WODS

Its looking like we will have nice weather Sunday 
Sundays WODS 

WOD 1 

- Open WOD 13.4 

7 min Ladder 
3 Clean and Jerks 
3 T2B 
6 Clean and Jerks 
6 T2B
increase in 3s each round 

- Standards - Same as Open 

- Score will be max Reps

- WOD 2 

2 min Max effort Snatch 
(athlete chooses weight, dumping of bar will result in a NO REP) 

- Standards - barbell begins on the ground, touch and go is permitted, no bouncing. Over head position, full lock out over head, knees and arms fully extended, bar over middle of body feet in line. Power Snatch, Split snatch, squat snatch is all ok if above standards are met  

- Score will be weight x reps for max power output

- WOD 3 

500m Run 
50 Air squats 
500m Run 
50 Ring Rows
500m Run 
50 HOG Push Ups
500m Run 
50 Sit ups 

15 min Time cap 

- Standards - Run will start from outside, 
Air Squats - hips must pass below hips and full extension of knee and hips
Ring Row - knees and hips must be at full extension throughout movement, with arms reaching full extension and chest to rings 
HOG Push ups - knees and hips to be at full extension, chest to ground with a hand release at the bottom before pushing up to a fully extended elbow 
Sit ups - Hands must touch the floor behind the athletes head before coming up past the hip crease and touching the toe 

Score - For time

Remember be prepared for the unknown

NB - Anything other than what I have said will be a No Reps, there will be a head Judge with athletes judging other heats. 

any questions please email me  

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