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Sundays Bournemouth throwdown WODS

Its looking like we will have nice weather Sunday  Sundays WODS 
WOD 1 
- Open WOD 13.4 
7 min Ladder  3 Clean and Jerks  3 T2B  6 Clean and Jerks  6 T2B increase in 3s each round 
- Standards - Same as Open 
- Score will be max Reps
- WOD 2 
2 min Max effort Snatch  (athlete chooses weight, dumping of bar will result in a NO REP) 
- Standards - barbell begins on the ground, touch and go is permitted, no bouncing. Over head position, full lock out over head, knees and arms fully extended, bar over middle of body feet in line. Power Snatch, Split snatch, squat snatch is all ok if above standards are met  
- Score will be weight x reps for max power output
- WOD 3 
500m Run  50 Air squats  500m Run  50 Ring Rows 500m Run  50 HOG Push Ups 500m Run  50 Sit ups 
15 min Time cap 
- Standards - Run will start from outside,  Air Squats - hips must pass below hips and full extension of knee and hips Ring Row - knees and hips must be at full extension throughout movement, with arms reachi…
When chalky used to WOD 
Thursdays WOD will be 13.4 any guesses what it might be 
Skill - HSPU 
Met- con - Death by burpees  followed by 100 sit ups
Skill - Kipping 
5 rounds  Max effort STOH @ 80% body weight  Max effort pull ups  Rest as needed

Fun day monday

Rich Froning Jr doing Elizabeth in 2:33 at the 2012 CrossFit Games!
Courtesy of the
Skill - Muscle up transition  Met con  - 5 rounds for time  run 500m  21 Squats  12 dips 

13.3 Open WOD 

MEN - includes Masters Men up to 54 years old
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall balls (20 lbs to 10' target)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups
WOMEN - includes Masters Women up to 54 years old
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall balls (14 lbs to 9' target)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups
NB - If the ball is not caught between reps, it must come to a full stop on the ground. Bouncing the ball off the floor is not permitted. I recommend you catch every attempt don't let the ball bounce.

Rest Day

Rest Day  Catch up WOD  Mobility  Tekkers 
Gang please make sure you spend some time in the pain cave on those areas that have become tight
Great work this week guys and girls intensity levels have been higher than before lets focus on form today
Strength - Power Snatch + OH Squat  1+1 for 7 sets rest 
NB - Focus will be on keeping shoulders active 

Met - con - 18 min AMRAP Team WOD Row 300m (Time Keeper) AMRAP  7 power Cleans  7 Pull ups

NB - This is a Team WOD, team member (TM) 1 will row 300m whilst TM two performs AMRAP you can only change over when TM 1 finishes AMRAP TM 3 will row TM 1 will do AMRAP and TM 2 will rest

Lets hit some weaknesses

Skill - Air Squat 
Conditioning - Karen with burpees 150 wall balls BUT - 5 burpees EMOM

Movement standards guys and girls 
We will be changing are approach to these WODs so please come ready
10.2 - 10 min AMRAP 
5 Push Press  10 deadlifts  15 box jumps

Rest Day

Catch up day  work your skills  look at open movements
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then on your right hand side under purchase info is the blue change button

WOD 13.2 will be done on Friday please use Tomorrows Rest day to go over tekkers and do mobility ready to go HAM friday  Strength - Power Clean 10 x 2 EMOM @ 80%
rest 2 mins 
Conditioning - 5 rounds for time  10 Box jumps  20 T2B 30 Air Squats  rest 1 min sat Crossed legged 

Strength - Front Squats  10 x 2 @70% EMOM 
NB - some might need squat racks but lets try go from the floor if you can 
Met-con - 16 min rolling Clock  Tabata  8 rounds  20 sec on, rest 10 sec   Pull ups Strict  rest 2 mins  10 min Ladder  4 Hang Squat Cleans  4 Push Press 
^2 reps Each Round
B - Power Snatch  10 x 2 @80% EMOM 
C - 12 min Rolling Clock  Tabata Ring Dips  8 rounds 20sec on 10 rest rest 2 mins  6 min AMRAP  5 HSPU  10 SDHP @32/24 20 DU 
NB - Please ensure you have equipment ready for AMRAP 
Strength - Weighted Pull Ups  find your 1RM in 10 mins 
Conditioning - 5 x 500m Run  10 strict pull ups  rest 1:2

Open Day WOD

Guys and girls Please listern to your bodys if there saying Im stiff and sore dont train stretch and work tekkers.  
Rest Day  Catch up WOD  Mobility  or  Open WOD  17 min AMRAP  40 Burpees  30 Snatch 35/20 30 burpees  30 Snatch 60/35 20 burpees  30 Snatch 75/45 10 burpees  ME Snatch 95/54
Looking to order some of this would any of you be interested  heres the link for more info
Skill - Kipping/butterfly pull ups 
strength - Press  10 x 1 EMOM @80%
Conditioning - 3 rounds for time  300m row  15 STOH 
Perform in partners or 1:1 rest 

skill - med ball clean 
Strength - hang squat clean  10 x 1 EMOM at 80%
Conditioning - 21-15-9  burpees  Ring dips 

Open starts this week

I hope you have all registered for the open which starts this week to give yourself an idea of where you stand. 
These next few months we will be drilling you on form to correct some of the things I have seen coming into your movements 
Skill - SDHP 
Conditioning - Happy Birthday Mario and lewis 
30 min Running clock  7 mins to find 1RM SDHP  followed by  22min AMRAP  8 bumper GTOH  10 push ups  12 sit ups  14 prison Squats 
NB - Make sure you have everything ready to go straight into your amrap