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Hopper Friday

B - Chief 
5 rounds 
3 min AMRAP  3 cleans @70kg  6 push ups  9 squats 
Rest 1 min 
score is total of rounds per AMRAP

Rest Day/ rehab

shoulder and knee joint

For those that have done every day this week thursday will be looking at rehab for those niggles you have in shoulders, knee, hip etc please make use of this time to get on top of it before its too late  lets look to strengthen your new found range 
B - Rest Day  Catch Up WODs  Mobility Rehab
Today we will be using a burpee penalty for anyone resting more than 5 seconds, resulting in 5 burpees  D - WOD 3  for time 
For time (any order/breakdown): 75 Thrusters 35/25kg
75 Bar-Jumping Burpees
75 Pullups THE WOD (MALE/FEMALE SCALED) For time (any order/breakdown): 50 Thrusters 25/15kg
50 Bar-Jumping Burpees
50 Jumping Pullups
20 min time cap
B - Press  5 x 5 - rest 45 sec 
C - "Diane" 21-15-9 reps of:
100/75kg  Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Monday blues

B - Power Snatch  7 x 1 - rest 45sec 
NB- please go off your 7x3 scores and start heavy from the beginning 
C - Kipping Tekkers 10 mins 
D - For time  Row 1000m  50 KB lunges 32/24kg  30 Pull ups 

Could we see the return of the Pukie board

Today we see a mixture of running and rowing 
B - For Time 
Row 500m  50 burpees  50 Bent over rows @50/35  Run 500m 50 V-ups  50 Push press @50/35 Row 500m

Rest day

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- Rest day  catch up WOD  tekkers
Lets try and get as many guys and girls competing in this event next year I enjoyed every min of it as you can see ..... not

B - Hang clean  7 x 1 - rest 45 sec 
C - 10 mins double under tekkers
D - WOD 2 7 min AMRAP  7 GTOH @70/45  49 DU 

Coach Mikes Bday WOD

Happy birthday Pants so proud to see you come so far in your training and as a person I remember when you first started so glad to have you on the coaching team buddy
B - Happy birthday Coach Mike
23min AMRAP  5 HSPU  10 Pistols  15 Pull ups

back to strength for a day at least

B - Hang Snatch  7 x 1 - rest 45 seconds 
C - Pendlay Row  5 x 5 rest 45 seconds 
D - 21 - 15 - 9  Kb Snatch 24/16 Ring Dips

HAM Friday Welcomes FGB

What better way to welcome our new addition to the gym with a WOD in which they can shine 
B - Fight Gone Bad 
3 rounds  Rotating each min 
Wall - balls  @20/14lb Sumo Deadlift High-pull @35/25 Box - jumps @ 20' Push press @35/25 Row - for calories  Rest 1 min
B - Rest Day  Tekkers  Catch up Wod 
Our DWF family who's gonna join us as we take on the london throwdown on the 26th & 27th January looking to book travel and hotel this month and sort tickets please right name on board if your interested will need to be booked and paid for this month  

Tickets £25, accom £35 for weekend
B - 2 rounds 
2 mins ME 5 KB swings 32/24kg  rest 2 mins 
2 min time cap run 500m rest 2 min 
2 min ME 5 T2B 5 Squats  Rest 2 min


This week we see a few longer WODS to break up the strength phase we are on with some hero wods and some wods in aid of charity this WOD comes from Reebok Crossfit Cardiff.
Today and for the first time, we celebrate a true Hero who survived his ordeal! 
David De Souza (Disco) was working for private security company Aegis in Tikrit when he bravely intercepted a suicide bomber’s vehicle as it sped towards his convoy.
Disco drove out of the convoy in his 4×4 to block the suicide bomber and to protect a company boss who was travelling in a vehicle in front of him.
He rammed into the suicide bomber’s vehicle at high speed, smashing into it before coming off the road and rolling over six times.
The incident, on December 20, 2007, left Disco with a brain haemorrhage and a broken back.
He is now unable to work because of memory problems caused by his brain injury and is also suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
A year ago, the 36-year-old, who lives in Ashwood, Kearsley, w…

Happy Birthday me

As its my Birthday you all get to suffer with me with a few of my favorite movements, I would also like to say happy birthday Foxy who is one year younger than me
B - FON BDAY WOD   28min Rolling Clock 
28 C&J 60/45
28 T2B
28 Snatch 60/45
28 Back Ext
AMRAP remaining time
11 Cleans 60/45
11 Front Squats 60/45
11 STOH 60/45
11 Back Squat 60/45

Whos going HAM

B - Tabata bottom to bottom
8 sets of 20 sec work 10 sec rest

pull ups
push ups (rest arms straight)
sit ups (rest sat up)
squats (rest in the squat)

Rest Day

Rest Days & Half-Intensity Weeks CrossFit is addicting. We know. It's fun, and it gets results. But sometimes you need a break. Our workouts are much different than the traditional training methods. The level of intensity we maintain makes it even more important to make sure we're giving ourselves a break when we need it.

Rest Days
Rest days are your weekly days to focus on recovery. At a minimum, you need to take at least one day a week completely off. Two would probably be better. And depending on the week, you may benefit more from three. There's no 'one size fits all' answer. Age, the amount of quality sleep you get, your diet, and many other factors affect how often you should take a rest day. Usually, younger folks can train 5 to 6 days a week, while the older crowd might be better off training 2 or 3 times a week.
We usually recommend training no more than three days in a row before taking a day off. We have found that the fourth day sacr…
B - hi hang snatch
7 x 1 rest 60 sec
C - 10 min Hand stand tekkers
D - 8 min ladder
4 Hi Hang Snatch
increase by 4
snatch warm up lets give this a go 
Guys please please please record your scores 
B - Front Squat  3 x 5 - rest 60 sec  C - Pendlay row
5x5 - rest 60 sec
D - 3 x max Ring dips
3 x max t2b
3 x 3 snatch press  3 x 10 KB turkish get ups 
B - Hi Hang Clean  7 x 1 - rest 60 seconds 
C - 10 Kipping Tekkers 
D - 12 min Rolling clock
2  min  Max pull ups 
8 min AMRAP  5 Hi hang Squat clean @60/45 7 grasshoppers 9 STOH @60/45
B - 20 min AMRAP 
5 med ball cleans  10 pistols  15 double unders