Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Rest day

Dont let training overtake your life

  The Do's to better training 

    Eat better. Better nutrition helps sleep. In turn, sleep helps metabolism. It’s a cycle. To maximize the benefits of nutrition and sleep, you need to do both well.
•    Give up smoking or any other form of tobacco (3).
•    When doing particularly hard workouts during a day or the course of a week or month, be sure to get extra sleep during that time to maximize your gains along with mobility demands.
•    Keep your room dark, quiet and cool at night. Light, hot temperatures and noise can disrupt sleep patterns and cause you to sleep poorly. 

B - Rest Day
Catch up WOD 

NB - On these rest days please take it easy as we have increased volume on lifts and movements so body needs recovery and mobility work to improve not more volume and work load 

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