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For this month we will have a Set Warm up which we will use everyday to increase mobility and warm up specific joint, please carry on with current or new goats before classes start. 
B - Clean + 1 Push Jerk  7x1 med/heavy  rest 60 sec 
NB - Still focusing on form not 1 RM 
C - 3X5 Pendlay Row  heavier than last week, rest 60 sec
NB - straight into no warm up sets 
D - 10 min Time Cap  Cash in - 100 double unders  AMRAP   6 x deadlift 60/45 6 x squat clean 60/45 6 x push press 60/45
NB - If you cant do 100 double unders I want you to try and gain 1 rep at a time, before moving onto AMRAP

Hopper Says

For Oct the Hopper will decide Fridays WODs Enjoy 
B - 5 rounds for time  25 wall balls 9/6kg  30 pull ups 
25 min Time cap
anywhere any how 
B - Hi hang snatch 7x3 heav - rest 45sec 
C - Tabata  Power snatch 40/30kg  V-ups 
NB - work 20 seconds rest 10 seconds   16 rounds
B - Press  5x5 
C - 3 x ME Ring Dips  - rest 45sec 3 x 15 unbroken KB snatch - heavy, rest 45 sec 3 x ME K2E - rest 45 sec 3 x ME KB thrusters - heavy, rest 45 sec
B - Hi hang squat clean  7x3 med/heav  rest 45 sec 
C - 10 min AMRAP 
21 hi hang squat clean @60/45 15 pull ups  9 STOH @60/45

return of the playing cards

Anyone ever question this? Ha. 
B - Pack of cards  Hearts - thrusters @20/15 Diamonds - hamstring walk outs Clubs - push ups Spades - superman rocks

Rest day

The Do's to better training 
    Eat better. Better nutrition helps sleep. In turn, sleep helps metabolism. It’s a cycle. To maximize the benefits of nutrition and sleep, you need to do both well.
•    Give up smoking or any other form of tobacco (3).
•    When doing particularly hard workouts during a day or the course of a week or month, be sure to get extra sleep during that time to maximize your gains along with mobility demands.
•    Keep your room dark, quiet and cool at night. Light, hot temperatures and noise can disrupt sleep patterns and cause you to sleep poorly. 
B - Rest Day tekkers  Catch up WOD  Mobility 
NB - On these rest days please take it easy as we have increased volume on lifts and movements so body needs recovery and mobility work to improve not more volume and work load 

B - Power Clean + 1 Push Press  7 x 3 Med/Heavy 
C - Pendlay Row  3 x 5 heavy 
D - Grace  30 x clean and jerk @60/45
Keep up the good work guys goats are slowly getting better 
B - Back Squat Heavy  5 x 5 
C - Cash in - 50 Air squats  21-15-9  HSPU  T2B Cash Out - 50 Air Squats
Time Cap - 10 mins
B - Power Snatch  7x3 
C - 3 x  Max Effort Push ups - rest 45 sec  3 x Max Effort pull ups - rest 45 sec  3 x Max Effort sit ups - rest 45 sec
D -  Randy  75 x Power snatch 

HAM friday is back Are You Ready

B - in a 20 min window
500m run
50 ring dips
50 burpees over a box
50 SDHP @ 32/24
20 air squats
20 push ups
20 v-ups
B - Rest day  Catch up WOD  tekkers 
C - 10 min Paleo chair
B -  Hang Power Clean 7 x 3  heavy 
C - for time  100 MB clean into a Wall ball
B - Front Squat  5x5  heavy 
NB - build up to a weight so you can do 5x5 
C - Sindy  8 min AMRAP  5 pull ups  10 push ups  5 front squat @ 60% 3rm
B - Hang Snatch  med-heav  7x3 
NB - These should be performed in a row if bar is dropped weight is too heavy, each snatch should go into a squat
NB bar cannot touch the ground for these 3 reps 
C -  7 x rounds of Snatch Bear Complex  (1 round - power snatch, snatch press, Oh squat, snatch behind head press, Oh squat, rest 45sec)
B - Power clean
C - jerk
D - Fran
thrusters 40/30
pull ups
B - Rest day
Catch up WOD
Barbell tekkers 
We have just entered the divided we fall comp team is Princess, Pants, Pipa, Snatch, Duncan and FON time to start making a name for ourselves 
B - Front Squat
7x 3 Heavy
NB - Either from a rack or clean off the floor 
C - 8 min AMRAP
10 squat clean 40/30
10 push ups
10 K2E
B - Power Snatch   8 x 1
 C - 3 rounds for time  4 KB snatch 32/24 e/s  8 KB OH lunges 32/24kg (both hands) 40 double unders
Goats are also back as from this week so pick three movements that your weak at and do 30 reps everyday for this month, so that 90 a day before you ask

B - clean and jerk
1 rm in 15 mins
C - 15 min EMOM
3 x C&J med/heavy