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- 20 min AMRAP 
5 HSPU  10 OH Sit Ups (straight leg) @15/10 15 KB Swings @32/24kg
Surprise Birthday WOD who could it be
B - SDHP  5rm
C - max rounds in 3 mins
3 SDHP 60/40kg
6 push ups
9 squats
rest 1 min
repeat for a total of 5 cycles
N/B Score is max completed rounds for 5 cycles, round only counts if its completed
work that speed under the bar, push yourself  into that second squat position with your arms
B - Push jerk  5rm
C - 3 min max effort
5 push jerk @70/50kg
5 pull ups (strict)
rest 90 secs
3 min max effort
10 air squats  10 V-ups 
N/B - Score is total amount of reps for all of C
go after those hips 
B - OH squat  5rm in 15 mins
C - 5 rounds
3 snatch dead lifts @60/40kg
3 squat snatch @60/40kg
3 OH Squats @60/40kg
time cap 10 mins
issues that have come up and for all to focus on again are hip/shoulder mobility,  check out this video and have a go at home or in the box 
- Snatch 15mins to 5rm
- For 15 mins on the min
3 Snatches at 60/40kg
N.B - If you fail to complete a round you just keep going for reps until time is up
Rest day  Catch Up WOD or  Pistol Tekkers
- Deadlift  5rm in 15mins 
- On the min for 15 mins  adv - 3 muscle ups  or beg - 6 pull ups, 6 box dips
B - Push press 5rm 
C - For time  21 Push press 50/35 200m run  15 push press 50/35 200m run  9 push press 30/35 200m run 

Let rip of your Primal Side
 - front squat  5rm in 15 mins 
- 3 min Max Effort
1 clean, 3 front squats @80/50kg rest 90 secs - 3 min Max Effort
KB C&J 32/24kg rest 90 secs - 3 min Max Effort Push ups  rest 90 secs - 3 min Max Effort  twists @20/15kg plate
We Say good bye to Holly yet again and happy birthday to Alex Mr secret birthday boy
B - 2 rounds for time 
28 burpee to plates 20/15kg 28 V-ups  28 ground to over head @20/15kg plate  28 twists @20/15kg plates 28 SDHP with 20/15kg plates 28 Goblet Squats @20/15kg plates
Time Cap - 25 mins
keep moving on your rest day but low intensity 
Rest day  Catch up WOD 5km run/row  Gymnastic Tekkers
B - Back Squat  5rm in 15 mins 
C - 20x Back Squat  Unbroken set 
D -  4X3 Strict Pullups + ME Kipping Pullups – rest 60 sec. Notes: This should be one unbroken set of 3 strict PU then, without dropping off the bar, a max effort set of Kipping pullups.
B - 5rm press
 in 15 mins 

C - 10 min Ladder  increase by 2 each round
4 kb Swings @24/16
4 sit ups (straight leg)
B - OH Squats 3rm in 15 mins 
C - 7 min AMRAP
10 OH Squats @40/30
20 double unders
B - Cash In - 30 SDHP @60/45kg  30-20-10 KB goblet Squats @32/24 grasshoppers  V-ups  Cash out - 30 Snatches @60/45kg
time cap - 20 mins

thursday WOD

some old school photos from last year some things havent changed hey coco
B - Push jerk  3rm in 15 mins 
C - 21-15-9
kb clean & jerk 24/16kg
B - Dead lift  3rm in 15 mins 
C - 10 min AMRAP
5 deadlifts 60/40kg
5 Hang cleans 60/40kg
5 STOH 60/40kg
I hope you all had a good bank holiday, 
B - Front Squats  3rm in 15mins 
C - 10 rounds  for time 5 pull ups  10 TTB 15 squats

Friday brings more heavy lifting

Some heavy lifts but check out the speed under the bar lets look to land in a Squat rather than power cleaning the bar up 

b - Clean  3 rm in 15mins
c - 3 rounds of:
21 Wall Ball @ 10/6kg
21 TTB

thursday rest day

have a play with your kipping HSPU 
B - Tekkers  - Muscle Ups Transitions - HSPU tekkers  Catch Up WODs 
C - 30 GHD sit ups

weds madness

Coaches messing around 
Just a quick admin note we have now gone Ltd and I require you to fill out a CF Bmouth Ltd standing order form which will be in the gym which will be set up for your next payment this saves you changing details over and you can delete current standing order if you have one set up

B - In a 15 minute window,  set a 1RM turkish get up
C - CrossFit 3D WOD: AMRAP in 15 minutes;
5 front squat (60g/40kg) – no rack
10 SDHP (32kg/24kg kettlebell)
15 box jump (24″/20″)