Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cherry Picking

I’m going to make this short and sweet (like a cherry): don’t cherry pick! Nobody likes it when you sit by the goal or basket and wait for the ball to come your way, allowing you to make the easy score. Don’t be that guy!
What am I talking about? Cherry picking WOD’s has been around for centuries, or maybe just since CrossFit started about 10 years ago. It involves checking the blog in the morning before the WOD, making a sour face, and then proclaiming to whoever is within earshot, “Ew, more burpees and running, there’s no way I’m going to CrossFit !” Cherry picking is a natural human reaction; you don’t want to go and do something A) you don’t like doing or B) you may look bad doing. Most everyone who comes to the gym “likes” CrossFit for a number of different reasons. However, no one truly likes burpees or (insert least favorite exercise). But, and here’s the point, the exercises you least like doing are probably the ones you need to do the most. Force yourself to show up for the “bad” ones and eventually they won’t be so bad anymore.

I urge you not to cherry pick workouts and miss out on getting better at your weaknesses. In fact, when you’re sitting at your computer and you see a workout that makes you taste a little vomit in your mouth that’s the one you should show up for! Don’t be that guy! Save the cherry picking for that chubby lazy kid in your 6th grade PE class.

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