Friday, 3 February 2012

take a look at the split jerk for ideas on the movement 

looking at mobility for the split jerk 

Olympic lifting class 11-12 pm 

A - mobility drills 

B - 1rm split jerk 

1-2 pm class 

A - Warm up 

go over movements from the week and mobilise areas that are tight use new drills covered in classes from foam roller, tennis ball and bands 

B - For time 
30 hspu 
40 pull ups 
50 kettlebell swings 24/16 kg 
60 ab mat sit ups 
70 burpees 

be true to yourself on reps for those looking to compete in open if you see a no rep call it 
those around when I train call no reps I wont bite as I cant see my form when I get lazy 

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