Friday, 17 February 2012

bye bye Matty O hello Mummy and Daddy O

As we all know its Matty O's last day before joining the ARMY good luck mate and what better way of saying good bye than a friendly game of CrossFit Cards 

A - warm up 
3 rounds 
15 squats 
15 sit ups 
15 back ext (hbh)
15 bear crawl 

b - Pack of cards
You must perform the rep numbers for each playing card as they are turned over. 
 Aces - 14
king - 13 
Queen - 12 etc 
Spades = burpees to plate 
Clubs = kettlebell swings @32/24kg
Hearts = kettlebell squats @32/24kg
Diamonds = kettlebell roman twists @32/24kg


Oocharlotte said...

Cross Fit - you are brill! Thanks for giving our 'Matty O' a great head start for his basic training.

We are going to miss our boy.

Mummy and Daddy O!

Anonymous said...

I Thought Cards involved women, booze and money!!!

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