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Merry Christmas All 
I hope everyone is relaxing over the festive period as from Jan we will be back on it  but for the time being there will be some open gym time for you to make use of 
Christmas Day - Closed  Boxing Day - Closed  Bank Holiday tuesday - Closed Wednesday - 9am- 12 Thursday - 9am - 12 Friday - 9am - 12  Closed for New Year Will reopen from Tuesday the 3rd Jan with full time table apart from Wednesday 8-9pm


SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, was killed Thursday February 22 2007 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq
Please remember to park on right hand side of drive from now on, if there is no spaces left please park on road rather than left hand side of drive which is for GB members. Please also remember to book in for your class either via txt, comment on here or facebook as from the the new year we have to keep control of class sizes until we move gyms. Fancy dress tomorrow for the wod so please make an effort and gym social tomorrow night at klute from 930pm casual wear is fine.
A - Warm Up  3 rounds  15 ring dips  15 Front squats (PVC) 15 sit ups  15 Back extensions 
B - Josh  21, 40kg Oh Squats  42 Pull ups  15, 40kg OH Squats  30 Pull ups  9, 40kg OH squats  18 Pull ups 
C - Paleo Chair
Can all crossfit members please park on the right hand side as you come in so GB members can park on left hand side. Car park needs to be shared between two gyms.  1st Lt. Michael E. Johnson, 25, of the U.S. Marine Corps 7th Communications Battalion, 3rd Marine Headquarters Group, III Marine Expeditionary Force, headquartered in Okinawa, Japan, died September 8, 2009 while supporting combat operations in Kunar province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Durinda Johnson.
A - Warm Up  3 rounds  15 jumping pull ups  15 Push ups  15 OH squats  15 lunges  15 sit ups 
B - Johnson  20 min AMRAP  110/90kg Deadlift, 9 reps  8 muscle ups  50/70kg squat clean, 9 reps 
C - 100 leg raises 100 bicycles
A bit late than never Well done Pants for being November Member of the month for your efforts in both Games days and willingness to stick around and learn more.

In honor of Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA who was killed in Afghanistan

Just a reminder Thursdays WODS will be fancy dress and we will be meeting at klute from 9:30 in the sky bar for pre drinks before klute opens up at 1030. 
A - Warm Up  3 rounds  15 Push Ups  15 PVC Pass Overs  15 Push Jerk  15 Snatch  15 Arm haulers
B - JT  21 - 15 - 9  HSPU  Ring Dips  Push Ups 
C - Superman Hold
Straight back in with a long one to start are next three hero work outs.  Admin note for next thursdays classes it will be fancy dress there will be punishments for lack of fancy dress  A - Warm up  1 min skipping  15 air squats  15 snatches  15 push press  15 Sit ups 
b - McGee  30 min AMRAP  5 Deadlifts @125/90 13 Push Ups
9 box jumps, 24'/20'

rest day

CrossFit HQ programme their training and recommend a 3 day on / 1 day off split. They have found that this training frequency and rest produces the best results and the recovery needed to be able to go at each WOD hard. We need to start looking at ourselves and Ill make sure with programming that you guys aren't burning out and more time is spent on tekkers and mobility as we have found this week that large rep numbers burn us out if we have poor tekkers
A - Individual warm up 
b - catch up wods 
Mobility issues 
C - Paleo chair

hero month continues

good work yesterday guys lets see if we can smash randy out as fast as possible working on our triple extension and keeping good form as we fatigue 
A - burgener warm up  15 pvc behind the head press  15 snatch balance  15 dead lifts  15 high pulls  15 power snatches  15 hang snatch 15 full snatches 
B - OH Squat  find 1rm in 15 mins 
C - Randy  75 power snatches @ 35/25
D - 100 flutters 100 leg raises
A - Warm up  3 rounds  15 pvc oh squats  15 push ups  15 jumping pull ups 15 scaled hspu 
B - ARNIE - for time
with a single 32/24kg kettlebell
21 turkish get-ups right arm  50 swings  21 oh squats left arm  50 swings  21 oh squats right arm  50 swing  21 turkish get ups left arm
A - Warm Up  15 pvc pass overs  15 air squats  hamstring walk outs  lunges  pigeon walks 
B - Front Squats  1rm in 15 min 
C - Nasty Girls 3 rounds for time  50 Air Squats 7 muscle ups 10 power cleans @60/40 
D - 3 mins hollow hold
a - warm up 1 min skipping 15 squats 15 push ups  15 pass overs 15 sit ups
b - Push press  1rm in 15 mins 
C - Hand stand tekkers 
D - max Hand stand push ups in 3 mins 
E - 3 mins max sit ups

rest day

Well done these last few days guys some of you should have gone for the games to see how you would have done could have joined me or made a team so next qualifiers we are putting a team in and I want more individual entries  A - Individual Warm up 
B - tekkers 
catch up wod 
Hero Wod
did think against this but rather get it out the way so go get it guys, final one so go hard A - warm up 3 rounds  15 squats  15 push press  15 push ups  15 jumping pull ups 
B - WORKOUT 1: Complete in any order or breakdown… 75 Thrusters 35/25kg 75 Burpee bar hop-overs 75 Pull-ups
A - Warm up  15 squats 15 sit ups 15 sdhp  15 arm haulers
B -  london throw down WOD 2 Buy in - 1200/800kg of power cleans select your own weight  then complete  5 rounds of  5 shoulder to overhead 60/40kg  7 front squat 60/40 9 toes to bar  cash out - 1200/800kg of power cleans
C - 100 twists @ 10/5kg

Happy Birthday Snatch

happy birthday Snatch, 
A - warm up  3 rounds  15 Snatch balance 15 pvc pass overs  15 hang snatch  15 leg swings 
B - Snatch balance tekkers
C - London throw down WOD 3 100 Double unders  30 K2E to pull ups  30 Hang Snatch @ 35/25kg  100 Double unders
D - 3 mins superman hold

1st birthday Games

Wod 1 - For time 10 Clean and jerks @ 20kg/20kg  50 Sit ups  8 Clean and jerks @ 30kg/24kg  40 Sit ups  6 Clean and jerks @ 40kg/28kg  30 Sit ups  4 Clean and jerks @ 50kg/30kg  20 Sit ups  2 Clean and jerks @ 60kg/34kg 
Wod 2 - Within 2 mins dead lift max reps to give highest load men - 120kg, 100kg, 80kg, 60kg women - 40kg, 60kg, 80kg, 100kg Wod 3 - For time  60 double unders/tuck jumps  50 burpees  40 thrusters 30/20 30 push ups  20 kettlebell swings @24/16

coller and simon go head to head still no sign of this tshirt 

Just a reminder cash entry is needed for saturdays games and please txt me with confirmation for sundays yoga at 11:45 @ yoga rooms  Games work outs will be posted later tonight
A - Warm Up 3 rounds  1 min skipping  walking lunges  spider walk  15 hip raises  15 leg swings
B - tekkers  or  catch up wod for those not competing tomorrow
Great session yesterday guys keep up the good work leading up to the games on Saturday  Remember its a 10:30 meet for a 11am start make sure you bring in entry money  Sundays Heated yoga is still on for 1145 so will be a great chance to try it and have a good stretch after games week
A - warm up  2 rounds  2x hamstring walks  15 squats  15 PVC pass overs  15 push ups 
B - Dead lift  1 rm in 15 mins 
C - Press  1 rm in 15 mins
D - 100 twists @ 10/5kg  30 Oh sit ups @ 10/5kg