Thursday, 24 November 2011

For those that are interested I've managed to sort out a free trial at yoga room on Sunday 4th December will be a perfect chance for you all to try heated yoga for free and after the games on the saturday a chance to get a good stretch, I hope you can all make the time to try this as I've pushed for this free trial to benefit you all. The time is currently set at 1145 on the sunday but could be pushed back later if you are all drinking sat night come speak to me with your thoughts looking to get a regular class just for us on the sunday to recover from the week

A - Warm up 
B - Work to 1RM Bench Press
C -   5 rounds not timed:  
3 x BP @ 80% 1RM, 
20 x hand release push-ups, 
25 burpee
D - 100 Arm haulers 


Anonymous said...

yes definitely interested in the yoga - thanks for sorting the free session.

CrossFit Bournemouth said...

helen - 36.5kg, @29kg
FON - 124kg, @99kg
pukie - 100kg, @80/70kg
shorty - 34kg, @27kg
snatch - 44kg, @35kg
stacey - 70kg, @56.5kg
woody - 104kg, @82.5 -80kg
simon - 100kg, @80kg -70kg
ian - 130kg, @104kg - 100kg
princess - 130kg, @104kg
blake - 90kg, @70kg
holly - 42.5kg, @34kg
coco - 90kg, @70kg
pants - 80kg, @64kg
coller - 104kg, @80kg
adam - 90kg, @70kg
crawford - 104kg, @80kg
young - 90kg, @70kg
bam bam - 40kg,
julian - 80kg, @64 - 60kg
sarah g - 40kg, @30kg
chalky - 100kg, @80kg

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