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holiday wod lol

Right guys and girls last long session before the games on saturday time to smash yourselves Ian and tinker last big session before you go away make sure you go hard and have a good holiday 
a - goats  mobility 
b - 10 rounds of Cindy  AFAP 15-14-13-12-11-10 etc  front Squat 40/30kg  burpee  box jumps 24/20 kb swing 32/24 sit ups
40min time cap
Keep up the good work guys your all progressing nicely mobility is really starting to show now with yesterdays squat range so keep working those goats and hit those mobility issues. 
A- Goats  mobility 
B- 3 mins max pull ups  rest 2 mins  - 3 mins max push ups  rest 2 mins  - 3 mins max sit ups (ab mats)  rest 2 mins  - 3 mins max squats  rest 2 mins 
C- 100 arm haulers

Reebok CrossFit Anthem: What is CrossFit?

A - goats mobility
B - Back Squats 1rm in 20 mins
C - Rope climb tekkers
D - OPTION 1 – 5 minutes of max sit ups OPTION 2 – 3 minutes of max hollow rocks OPTION 3 – 2 minutes of max weighted OH sit ups
For those that are interested I've managed to sort out a free trial at yoga room on Sunday 4th December will be a perfect chance for you all to try heated yoga for free and after the games on the saturday a chance to get a good stretch, I hope you can all make the time to try this as I've pushed for this free trial to benefit you all. The time is currently set at 1145 on the sunday but could be pushed back later if you are all drinking sat night come speak to me with your thoughts looking to get a regular class just for us on the sunday to recover from the week
A - Warm up  Goats  Mobility  B - Work to 1RM Bench Press C -   5 rounds not timed:   3 x BP @ 80% 1RM,  20 x hand release push-ups,  25 burpee D - 100 Arm haulers

happy birthday pants for Sunday

Thanks to Pants for keeping his birthday a secret we are going long.  anyone that doesnt do 90 reps for goats will make up the remaining reps with burpees
A - Warm up  Goats 3x30reps (must do) Mobility  B - 30 min AMRAP
6 pistols alt leg
12 push ups
24 kettlebell swings @32/24
Time for some fun lets see how high you can jump  a - warm up  goats  mobility b - max vertical jump
in 15 mins
C - 15 min ladder
3 push press @40/30
3 pull ups
3 v-ups
increase by 3 each round
right you lot time to work your balance and drill some more tekkers  
a - warm up  Goats  mobility b - snatch balance
find in 15 mins
c - 5rm Snatch
find in 15 mins D - 3 mins hollow hold
A - Warm up  goats  mobility 
b -  For Time box jumps, 50reps
push ups, 50 reps
sit ups, 50 reps
jumping pull ups, 50reps
back extensions, 50 reps
ring dips, 50 reps
24kg turkish get ups, 20 alt reps


A - Warm Up Mobility Goats
b - clean & jerk 5rm in 15mins
c - Grace 60kg clean and jerk, 30 reps
d - 3 min superman hold
Three online qualifiers to determine the top 60 male and female athletes. Scaling is allowed but only RX competitors will be able to compete in the games. All athletes will be expected to judge over the weekend. Qualifiers must be completed at registered CrossFit affiliates and cost £8 to enter. Upon registration please ensure you make your affiliate aware so that they receive all of the necessary athlete registration paperwork. Top 60 Male and Female athletes invited to take part in the finals in February. Team entries 40 team places available. 1 team per affiliate. Teams will be made up of 3 male and 2 female athletes, to enter a team competitors must have taken part in the online qualifiers. To enter a team all athletes must compete in the online qualifier. At the end of the online competition each affilate must send in the names of the team members. We will then calculate the average score for the named athletes and the top 40 will be entered into the games. Each team must p…

October member of the month

Congrats to Chopper for being Oct member of the month, I have trained chopper since December and have seen a massive improvement in his form and his ability to keep up with the younger members. well done chopper a great member and a great guy 
a - Warm up  Goats  mobility b - Nate
20 min AMRAP
2 muscle ups
8 2-pood kb swing C - 100 hollow rocks
c - Warm up  Goats  mobility b - 5 rounds
for time
50 double unders
35 K2E
20kg OH lunges 20 reps c - 100 arm haulers
last two weeks of goats so lets really makes sure we  have them drilled a - Warm up  goats  mobility b - 5rm SDHP
in 15 mins
c - 10 min AMRAP
7 muscle ups
21 SDHP d- 100 twists @ 10/5 30 oh sit ups
So the WOD is:
AMRAP in 18 mins of;
11 hang power snatch, 35kg
11 burpees
11 thrusters
11 pull ups

On the 11th minute, pause for one full minute and crack on.

We will remember them.
a - Warm up  goats mobility b - Front squats  5rm in 15mins c - 21-15-9 front squat, 40kg  push press, 40kg butterfly sit up D - superman hold
A - Warm up  goats  mobility B -fight gone bad  wall-ball 10 kg  SDHP 40kg    box-jumps    Push-press 40kg rowing

return of the OH Squat

a - Warm up  goats  mobility  b - oh squats
5rm in 15mins
c - 10 rounds for time
10 Oh squats, 40kg
10 push ups
d - 3 mins hollow hold
A - Warm up   goats  mobility b -  bradshaw
10 rounds
3 hspu
100kg deadlift, 6reps
12 pull ups
24 double unders

Best internal rotation fix

a - Warm up Goats mobility b - Push press 5rm in 15mins c - 21-15-9 push press, 40kg chest to bar pull ups  d - Mobility drills

Ultra runner feet

Take some time today to work on areas of weakness find out what is causing those goats is it mobility or lack of strength
A - Warm up goats mobility B - Tekkers or catch up on wods missed
C - 100 flutters 30 leg raises

happy birthday tommy "aka princess" bear

More pain for the lower body but remember an 1% increase in mobility  makes a movement 1% easier
A - Warm Up Goats mobility B- 28min AMRAP 28, SDHP 32/24kg kb 28, burpee box jumps 28, bicycles C - 3min Superman hold

hip mobility

Attack that hip range we can work in partners for this
a - Warm up goats mobility b - 3 min max
turkish get ups heavy
c- 2 min max
ring dips
d- 50 strict-pull ups 100 push ups 200 squats e- 3 mins hollow rocks